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The novel HydroFlame direct-contact combustion process has been adapted for use in a Downhole Steam Generator (DHSG), which enables the…

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In this process, a high intensity flame is surrounded by two films of rotating water. The flame is in direct…

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According to the United States Geological Survey, more than 95% of the world's Heavy Oil is located in reservoirs deeper…

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HydroFlame offers a technology solution to benefit businesses involved in Heavy Oil and Bitumen production. This solution offers environmental, technical.....

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HydroFlame Technologies, LLC was established in August 2008 with the sole purpose of commercializing the HydroFlame novel direct contact...

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On April 15, 2011, Senator Mary Landrieu visited the HydroFlame facility as part of her tour of the Louisiana Business…

HydroFlame Technologies, LLC

Innovative Energy Solutions

The patented, innovative HydroFlame process is a new concept of direct contact combustion and heat transfer based on enclosing a high-intensity flame in the vortex core of a rotating body of water.

Current Applications

Surface/Downhole Steam Generator for Heavy Oil Recovery

  • Functions at all depths both onshore and offshore
  • Increases oil productivity/recoveries
  • Major cost savings
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Saves energy: reduces heat losses and is more energy efficient

HydroFlame steam generators have been successfully tested in two different pilot plant size operations, during which it generated hot water and steam with thermal efficiencies exceeding 98%.

Other Applications of the HydroFlame Process

  • Coinjection of flue gases and water for light oil EOR
  • Hot water heater to heat frac water for shale gas development

Direct Combustion Technologies, LLC

In November 2013, Best Treasure Group acquired HydroFlame Technologies, LLC and contracted research and development of HydroFlame process to Direct Combustion Technologies, LLC. The main responsibility of Direct Combustion Technologies, LLC is to assist in developing new technologies using HydroFlame process.